Ananda Ashram

Caring homes for the Aged with Dignity, Respect, & Kindness

Salient Features

Salient Features of Ananda Ashram for the knowledge of Persons seeking Admission for stay at Ananda Ashram

  1. Ananda Ashram is run by an NGO - Navoday Association For Promotion Of Indian Heritage, which is registered under the Societies Registration Act, West Bengal.

  2. We have 9 ( nine) rooms in the ground floor and 2 ( two) rooms on the first floor.

  3. All rooms, excepting 1(one), can accomodate 2 ( two) persons and are very convenient for stay of couples.

  4. One separate room in the first floor has been provided for guests of boarders, who may like to stay for a short period while visiting them.

  5. Monthly boarding charges for those who seek admission to our Sr. Citizen's Home are as under:

    For rooms in the Ground floor

    Single occupancy - Rs 13,500/ ( Rupees thirteen thousand five hundred ) per month
    Double occupancy - Rs 25,000/ ( Rupees twenty five thousand ) per month

    For rooms in the First floor

    Single occupancy - Rs 15,000/ ( Rupees fifteen thousand ) per month
    Double occupancy - Rs 28,000/ ( Rupees twenty eight thousand ) per month

    Monthly boarding charges are inclusive of all fooding expenses ( breakfast, lunch, evening tiffin and dinner), all washing expenses, electricity charges ( excepting for AC and cable charges) and cost of routine medicines like Crocin/ Calpol, Antacid tablets, etc.

  6. Security Deposits

    Boarders are required to pay a General Security Deposit and also a Medical Security Deposit at the time of admission at the following rates:

    For the Ground Floor

    Single Occupancy

    General Deposit - Rs 3.0 lacs
    Medical Deposit - Rs 2.0 lacs

    Double Occupancy

    General Deposit - Rs 5,50,000.00
    Medical Deposit - Rs 4,00,000.00

    For the First Floor

    Single Occupancy

    General Deposit - Rs 4,50,000.00
    Medical Deposit - Rs 2,50,000.00

    Double Occupancy

    General Deposit - Rs 8,50,000.00
    Medical Deposit - Rs 4,50,000.00



    1. General Security Deposits are refundable at the time of leaving / death of the boarder with a minimum deduction of 15%. If however, the boarder continues to stay beyond 3 ( three) years, the forfeited amount will be 5% for each year of stay.

    2. Medical Security Deposits are refundable in full. However, if any expenses have been incurred for the boarder, which has not been reimbursed, such amount will be deducted from the security deposit amount.

    3. No interest is paid on the security deposit so held.

  1. The boarder can use his/ her Air Conditioner and Room TV, for which electricity charges as per separate sub-meter will be payable. Cable charges for TV is also payable separately.

  2. Free Medical Check Up is provided to the boarders once a month.

  3. Free Yoga classes are also taken, twice a week, and the boarders can avail of this facility free of cost.

  4. The entire building is covered under CCTV surveillance.

  5. Boarders can use cars, available on hire, for travel to the city and other places.