Ananda Ashram

Caring homes for the Aged with Dignity, Respect, & Kindness


Some of the rules and guidelines for the residents of Ananda Ashram are quoted below :

Ananda Ashram has been established by Navoday with the sole purpose of providing a relaxed and homely environment amidst a natural ambience to senior citizens, both male and female, specially in the age group of 60 (sixty) years and above.

Ananda Ashram is managed by a working committee which reports to the Governing Body of the Association.

Applications for admission are entertained from individuals, both male and female, who are 60 (sixty) years and above. However, in special circumstances, the management may allow younger persons also to take up boarding and lodging in the home. All applicants are required to fill in the prescribed Application form which is available on the web or from the administrative office of Navoday/ Ananda Ashram and submit the same for the consideration of the management.

All applicants will be required to fill in the prescribed application form which can be Which can be obtained from Ananda Ashram / Adfministrative Office / Navoday office and submit the same for consideration by the management.

All intending boarders/ residents will have to provide the name of a guarantor acceptable to the management in terms of the Application form and rules and regulations of Ananda Ashram.

The signature of the local guardian is compulsorily required in the Admission form.