Ananda Ashram

Caring homes for the Aged with Dignity, Respect, & Kindness


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  1. Bed with 4” firm quality foam mattress, a toshak(bedroll), soft foam pillow, good quality bedsheet, bedcover and pillow cover.

  2. Foam filled fixed backrest attached with each bed.

  3. Wall fixed reading lamp over the head of the bed.

  4. Separate spacious bedside table with bookshelf, drawer and locker with each bed.

  5. Six feet high double leaf steel almirah with locker, hanger space, shelves. Inner side of the almirah doors have envelope holder and hooks. The outer side has fullsize mirror.

  6. Open Hanger space, Shelves and shoe rack.

  7. Chair.

  8. Folding table fixed in wall which can be opened up to two positions.

  9. Telephone for receiving calls and intercom through EPABX system.

  10. Calling bell, switches for tubelight, reading lamp and fan is set beside the bed.

  11. Bath has geyser and mixture taps, shower, soap holder, washbasin, cosmetic rack, mirror, towel rod. A stool is provided for the resident to sit and have bath.

  12. Toilet is provided with commode and telephone shower and soap holder. Window has netlon cover.

  13. Windows of room has both curtain and netlon cover.

  14. Wallclock.

  15. Stool in the balcony.

  16. Night lamp, two nos. tube lights and one no. ceiling fan.

  17. Loft.

Total number of rooms : 9

  • A well designed hand railing, sleek but hardy is provided for the convenience of the residents.

  • All widows in the passage has Netlon cover.

  • Well lighted.

  • A Brass motif "OM".

  • TV set, DVD player with sofaset for seating.

  • Wall Clock.

  • Tube light, Fan and smaller version of chandelier.

  • Six nos. four seater dining table chair set with table cloth and table mats.

  • Refrigerator.

  • Microwave oven.

  • 2 nos. washbasins.

  • Aqua guard for filtered drinking water.

  • Telephone for receiving calls and intercom through EPABX system.

  • Kitchen counter with Cooking Gas stove, Mixer and grinder.

  • Separate 3 nos. marble counters.

  • Wall cupboard for kitchen utensils.

  • Wash sink.

  • Aqua guard for filtered drinking water.

  • Separate opening with counter outside the window for transfer of used utensils for washing away from the kitchen.

  • Attached Store room.

  • Library both at Anandaashram premises and outside the premises in the locality.

  • Television set and DVD player.

  • Screening of Film shows.

  • Computer.

  • Other activities connected with physical/mental recreation will be organized during the months e.g. seminars, cultural programmes.

  • Local outing for residents will be arranged regularly.

  • Outstation travel may also be arranged.

  • Scope for gardening.

  • Scope for fishing is available nearby.

  • Writing or other artistic skills among the residents will be encouraged.

  • Publishing magazine with contribution from the residents.

  • Celebration of Special Days.

  • The food served will be in accordance with each resident's health, habit along with advice from qualified dietician.

  • Efforts shall always be there to include choices of the residents in the menu.

  • Good quality of vegetables, meat, fish, spices will be used.

  • Cooking medium will be light vegetable oil suitable for heart patients and all others.

  • Vegetables grown at Anandaashram garden are cooked for the residents.

  • Efforts shall be to use vegetables produced only with organic fertilizers.

Standard Menu:

  • 6 - 6.30 AM: BED TEA : with sweet/salted biscuit 2 pcs.

  • 8 - 8.30 AM: BREAKFAST : will have variation among the followings:

    1. Bread & butter/jam/jelly with egg

    2. Milk and Cornflakes

    3. Sandwiches

    4. Luchi / paratha / roti and a vegetable curry


  • 12.30 - 1.30 PM : LUNCH: will have variation among the followings:

    1. Fine variety Rice and/or Roti

    2. Dal

    3. Vegetable: bhaja/boiled

    4. Vegetable curry

    5. Fish curry: Approx. 50 gm of good quality/size.

    6. Chutney

    7. Home made curd

  • 4 - 4.30 PM : TEA: with sweet/salted biscuit 2 pcs.

  • 6 - 6.30 PM : SNACKS: muri / chire / pakora /soup

  • 8 - 9 PM : DINNER: will have variation among the followings:

    1. Fine variety Rice and/or Roti

    2. Dal

    3. Vegetable: bhaja/boiled

    4. Vegetable curry

    5. Chicken / Fish curry: Approx. 50gm of good quality/size.

    6. Sweet dish

  • 9.30 - 10 PM : BED TIME: Hot Drink, if required by the resident